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Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Creative: Mending the 3 well loved quilts in the house so that I can wash them ASAP!
Fashion: Inspired by watching Joss Stone performances
Cooking: Recently made Homemade Scones. They were soo good.
Design: I need help! My house looks so sterile, so beige, so boring.
Fitness: Walked Tate to school for "Leave your car at home day". The mile isn't the hard part, it is the up the hills and down the hills and back up the hills that gets me. (My butt is getting an a good workout...hee hee!)
TV: Tyra, you lured me in. I watched the catch up episode of Top Model and am kind of hooked. So excited that The City is being shown on British (non-MTV) TV.

Monday, September 21, 2009

"Noodling" as Tate calls it

When I went to MI in the summer, I finally learned how to KNIT! I finished this scarf and it is so soft, mainly due to the fact that my mom gave me some fancy expensive yarn. Can I knit more than scarves? Not yet, but I have a Knitting for Kids DVD that I plan on watching when I am ready for the next step.

Need yarn? Check out my mom's favorite shop, Threadbear.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Soup Soup Soup

Potato, Leek and Creamy Mushroom Soup
adapted from
(the link has really good photos!)

Butter or margarine-2 tablespoons
Garlic-2 cloves minced/pressed
Leek - one good sized one or 2 smaller ones
Potatoes -peeled and diced(same quantity as leeks + 1/2 cup)
Mushrooms - 8 oz
4 cups chicken broth
Pepper (white or black)
Milk or cream - 1-2 cups
dash of poultry seasoning.
1/2 walnuts (toasted--cooked in a dry pan for a few minutes)

Clean and chop the leeks up to the beginning of the green of the leek. Peel the potatoes and chop them into cubes. Chop mushrooms into small pieces, slices or diced. Set aside a small handful of potatoes and mushrooms. Saute leeks in butter. Once they start to soften, add remaining potatoes and mushrooms. Add Salt and pepper.

Once vegetables have started to soften, add stock and milk. Bring the soup to the boil and then let it simmer (just barely boiling) for the about 20 min.
Use a masher to break down the potatoes in the pan or use stick blender or regular blender to blend everything up. Add poulty seasoning and stir.

Take mushrooms and potatoes and saute in butter, salt, pepper, another dash of poultry seasoning. Once it all start to softens, add a splash of wine (whatever kind you have). Cook until it almost disappears and potatoes are soft. Add to soup for chunks.

To serve, add toasted walnuts on top and/or a little cream.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Back online

It's been about a month, but I have internet again. I was planning on catching you up on what I have been up to, but I forget at this point.

I'm in the mood to be creative... and share creative things with you.
Here is my acrylic album that I finished a bit ago:

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

I've just ski-dooed into an English Countryside Postcard

If you don't know what ski-dooing is, you haven't watched enough Blues Clues.

From Wiki:
"Skidoo", the action of transporting, through song and dance, into an alternate reality found in objects such as pictures in frames, books, and other informational paper products. This is seen done in every episode of Blue's Clues with Steve Burns and his blue puppy. This Skidoo song is, "Blue skidoo we can too!"

We have completed our move to Bath, UK. It's GORGEOUS here. I can see Bath Abbey from my bedroom window. And you can pick blackberries and apples on walks near our house. I used to think I was a city person, but I have discovered that I am not. I can think better out here.

We don't have internet yet, so I wont be posting for a bit. See you in a few weeks with photos.