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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

What will you be doing in 5 years?

I just recently was asked that, and wow... for the first time in my life I don't know, or care!  When I was younger, I was the person that planned ahead every moment, every goal, etc.  etc.

The constant moving has helped me this whole plan-every-moment thing.  If I am always looking ahead, I can't be here now.  Or I should say NOW.  I kind of dig enjoying the now. Like right this second, Paul has the kids, and I am watching Unique Sweets on the Cooking Channel, and I couldn't be more content! (Stuffed Beignets? Pineapple Upside Down Pancakes?  some crazy fried cake thing?)

But really, like today when we were doing some shaving cream marble painting, and the kids were making a total mess.  And Tate just wanted to play in the shaving cream.  And I was giving him instruction as to how to do the painting.  His response; "Mom--You're going to tell me HOW to do ART??"  You are right, kid.  That is so wrong of me!  And I let him go....

And this morning, when I thought I would be cleaning the kitchen and both kids came dancing in to "Every Day You're Shuffling", I just had to join in.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Project 20: Random Kiddo Activities

I guess this is Project 20....I have been horrible about blogging lately.  This is where 2 kids is wayyyy more than1 kid.  I look back when Tate was the age Soleil is now, and I think I may have been blogging daily!  

It is Spring Break here and we are chilling at home. I am grateful that I am not sitting on an overcrowded plane with overtired and/or overexcited kids!  I think with the move coming up, I like to hunker down in my home and just feel that cozy homey feeling.  

This woman I found on pinterest makes themed baths for her kids.  They are totally cool.  I  thought they were just for the toddler set, but every time I copy one of her baths, Tate (age SEVEN), loves it and requests one for the next day.  Here is what we did for St. Pat's day, with some help from our local dollar store. 
Food color, green toys we already had, foam shamrocks that stuck to the side of the tub, and green bath safe molding sand (Baking soda+food color+teeny bit of water).  

This is an idea from Family Fun magazine and inspired by the toy Perplexus, one of Tate's faves.  You make a maze out of legos for a marble.  Pretty cool until your little sister decides that she can improve the design...

And I didn't make this, but I am going to!  We were at Minnesota Children's Museum and they have the greatest animal costumes that the kids can don while they play.  Tate loved this bird costume and it was really cozy.  I should start NOW for Halloween...

And lastly, a project that I actually DID make myself.  Tate's friend, Sebas, loves Narwhals.  (Whale +horn=pretty cool.)  His dad asked me to make one, and I was honored!  This was my first time making a 3D stuffie, and it was not easy.  I loved that I learned a new skill, and made a kid happy.  Of course, then Soleil wanted me to make her animals of all sorts, now that she know that I can make them.   

This guy was my 4th attempt and he looks like he ate a few too many plankton and has deformed flippers, but he was wayyy better than the first few attempts.  

If you want to make your own Narwhal, the pattern can be found here.

And since I am being random....anyone else completely tired of being cold?  I am very ready for spring.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Spring has Sprung! Project 19: Felt Bunnies

I feel it right around the corner!  I love the seasons and doing things differently for each season, as suggested by my friend, Bella.  Firstly, I needed a bathroom update.  Soleil and I went to Homegoods and pretended we were on a HGTV show, and got everything we needed to change the bathroom into a spa.
 While we were there, I found this amazing Amy Tangerine ribbon collection!
Paul needed some quiet time this weekend to handle some important business, so I took the kids to the Minnesota Arboretum to get out of the house.  The temperatures were not that bad (above 32F!), and they were featuring Fairy Houses and Maple Syrup tapping, and we were dressed for the weather.  Tate just loved launching himself into the giant piles of melting snow.

....And Project 19:  Felt Bunnies!  I can't stop.  Version #1:  Find Bunny template online, cut out, stuff, and sew together, by hand or by machine.  Version #2: Needle felt little bunny shapes.  Google it.  It is soooo easy, and perfect for one if you have been just exhausted lately with moving plans, and buying houses, and etc etc etc.