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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Holiday Season Part 1

I just read this:
Very entertaining, AND it got me in the mood to prepare for Christmas. I highly recommend finding fun Christmas books at boot/garage sales and used book stores and putting them away to pull out in November. It gets you in the mindset before everything starts in December!

A few other tips:
1. Many websites have fun Christmas puzzles that you can print out. I plan on printing out 25, one for each morning to have on hand for Tate while I drink that precious first cup of coffee.
2. Make a few desserty things and freeze them. (Chocolate chip cookie dough, apple bars, etc.) That way, when people pop over unexpectedly, you have a treat for them.
3. Preshop. Before the craziness, Soleil and I went into town just to look around. It gave me an idea of what I need to get and will save time later. In fact, I might just order the things I found online and save me the trip later.
4. Stay at home. If you have 10 events scheduled during the holidays, do 7 of them. You will be glad when you aren't all frazzled at the end.
5. Light a candle. The delightful scents can only help you relax during this busy time.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Felt in the Autumn

I kept my favorite Halloween pillow out until Thanksgiving.This hat used to be a sweater that Paul shrank. I added the bird with some felt and the pattern is from Amanda Soule's Handmade Home.We are listening to this. It started out slow, but Tate is really starting to enjoy the story when he gets home from school. (He is usually exhausted and loves to draw while listening.)I am no longer letting Paul dress the baby...

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Returning from overseas

I will be back to properly post soon!
We just returned from the States and we are still jetlagged.
I am really looking forward to crafty endeavors in the next few weeks. Bring on the holiday season (if it means snuggling in at home...)

What fun things do you have planned between now and the New Year???