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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

WIshful To Do List

I checked my blog posts...I didn't start this blog until Tate was almost 1. I have to remind myself of that when I am frustrated that I don't have time for ANYTHING. I guess it is ok that I just hold my babe. (She is happily playing for her 5 minute window...)

  • change blog design--looks too washed out
  • bake something apple-y
  • make hats and mittens from felted sweaters
  • make a christmas gift list
  • pack for upcoming US trip
  • clean (last on list for a reason.)
And.... my 5 minutes is up. Have a great day!

UPDATE: Made these amazing apple bars. You can freeze them and pull them out when you need them!
Made a hat from Soulemama's book using a sweater Paul shrank (is that a word??). Totally cute. I hand sewed a little felt bird to the front. Photo to come..