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Monday, September 29, 2014

A Moment...

I've just returned from Squam in the City.  I'm still processing...
Lots of things spinning in my head, but here is a little list of the main things brewing to the top.

1.  Good connections are to be treasured.  If you don't find them where you are, look elsewhere.  There are kindred spirits out there, and when you find them, it will change your life.
2.  Be authentic.  No, really.  Look at yourself REALLY and then stay true to that.  Like in a yoga class when you are only measuring your own progress, and you don't see the yogi next to you and the 75 year old man on the other side of you.  Everyone is on their own path, and if you stick to that=happiness.
3.  Relax.  About everything.
4.  Take Quiet Time when you need it.
5.  View every walk like a photo walk.  Suddenly, the walk to school becomes magical.
6.  Check in with others.  It can be motivating AND inspiring AND comforting.
7.  Avoid those who stay in the negative, and just remove yourself from that.
8.  Play.  (This is dedicated to my dear friend, Gerri!)
9.  Seeing people in person is WAY better than through phone or computer.
10.  Spend more time creating, less about thinking or planning about creating.

Photos to come...

Monday, September 15, 2014

4 Year Old Fun--Fall Edition

Our local library.


She has always loved to play with colorful scraps of fabric.

Sticker Exchange!  We mail stickers off to a child, and a chain mail letter is sent out to our friends.  (I'm about a week late with the mailing, but I'm still excited about it!)

Her current favorite is Glue+Glitter.  Yes, it is a gigantic mess. 
In order to contain said mess, I use a plastic table cloth under her work, and then this cool tray and Pampered Chef scraper with rubber edge to get it all off the table.  This table is imperfect, worn and old, and I intend to keep it this way.  It is kid friendly, which I love.

The first day we finally put on the heating.  The kids were laying next to the vent in the kitchen!  They love cold and cozy weather.

When you go to the grocery store, you should always wear your brother's dragon costume.

This afternoon's activity.  
My parents were cleaning out the garage and gifted us this cool Moon Sand.  I had to pull the sand table inside as it is about 52F.
What is it about Fall that makes me feel extra Crafty?? Anyone else with me?

Thursday, September 04, 2014

Back to Regularly Scheduled Programming

Tate is about to begin his third day of school.  The first two days, I fought back tears for most of the day.  I went out with Soleil to distract myself from his absence, and yes, I know I'm a freak for feeling this way.  But I like my kid.

He is currently singing, broadway style, "Let's go to school!", a song he is making up as he goes along.  With dancing.

I do love the back to school feeling of fall, though.  I personally loved school, and who doesn't love pumpkin everything this time of year? I even have a new sweater on!  (Pink, cozy, flowy, made out of super soft sweatshirt material.)

His song has just transformed into the tune of "Let's Go to The Mall" by Robin Sparkles.  Just to be clear, he has never seen How I Met your Mother, but he has seen all of the associated music videos.  Because they are awesome.

My house is still not fully unpacked or cozy-fied, but I might have to craft a little today.  I found these three awesome books at our new library, and now all I want to do is make things:)