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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Where did July go?

We took a spontaneous trip to Michigan, (and by spontaneous, I mean, we decided the night before to leave at noon the next day), and somehow I lost a month.

Our summer camp hasn't progressed as planned, but that is ok--we have had lots of fun activities any way.  The weather has finally cooled, so my current favorite activity, is drinking the coffee outside, while the kids play in their pjs/underwear.  Yes, underwear.

Random Things that we have done, in no particular order:

Play with Moon Dough.

Rediscovered the View Finder.

 Jam with the cousins.

Freezer Paper T-shirts (google it for instructions:)

 Dyed Rice for the Sand Table (This was a total hit. Again, google...)

Hang Out with Family,

Check out Real Estate.  In Michigan.

A box and markers.

A snake cake, constructed entirely by kids.

Cardboard Tubes and Tape.

Tap Light, Paint, Books about the Solar System.  
(stole this from Play at Home Mom.)
The summer is going by wayyyy too fast.