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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Vitamin C is yummy

Have you ever eaten so much citrus fruit that your mouth burns from the acid? I have, and so have most kids who grew up in South Florida who can grab a tangerine or orange on the way to the busstop...

I just finished chowing this huge GRAPEFRUIT, which made me think of all of this.

You know you are getting old when it no longer tastes bitter, but really really yummy. It makes me think back when I was little and we used the grapefruits off the tree to throw at each other as we played "War". They were great sticky, juicy bombs. The best ones were the rotting ones that had a split somewhere in the middle. Now, I feel bad to have wasted all that wonderfulness on trying to hit a sibling or neighborhood kid. They are so good!

I also am slightly ashamed that I never discovered the yumminess that is a mango until I was an adult. We never ate the mangoes off the tree that was next to the busstop, for reasons I will not mention, but my sister knows. Shameful!! They are my favorite fruit now and I could have eaten all I wanted off of "Christy's" tree. (Christy was the dog that lived there.)

A warning, though, on eating lots of citrus: we had a friend/enemy/neighborhood bully that used to eat lemons with salt on them. After several years, she had worn off all the enamel on her teeth, reducing them to the size of tic tacs in the front. Karma! Hee hee!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Things that melt my heart

I have been playing my flute for Tate for awhile...mostly when we have played with every single one of his toys, have no other place to go, and mealtime is a long time away. He now is BRINGING me my flute case, sits on the floor and waits. It is amazing to me. I usually play irish tunes, and other stuff that simple and other easy toe-tapping stuff.

As great as it is, there are times, like when he is naked and just got out of the tub, that a concert is not ideal. Crying and whining occur when I tell him no... And even funnier, is that this picture was snapped when he brought the case to Paul because I wasn't home.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

My (former) Parenting Plan

As many of you know, before I had Tate, I had these grand ideas about how my baby would only eat organic food and never watch tv and have a lifestyle as close to hippie commune except without the ganga/pot/wackyweed and the whole grow-your-own-crops thing…(I couldn’t get ANYTHING to grow in our garden except for a dwarf zucchini that was inedible.)

Anyway, me and reality have recently met.

As I type, Paul is out of town, I stayed up too late and Tate is on his 3rd Sesame Street episode today.
YES I WAS A JUDGEMENTAL IDEALIST _________ (fill in appropriate title).

But now I know the sheer necessity of electronic babysitter, even though I feel as guilty as a vegetarian eating meat every time he gets into “tv coma”. But I also am enjoying every moment of solitude…

Bert and Ernie are awesome.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Bubble Light Fest!

So I found this thing at WalMart called the "Bubble Light Fest". You press the button and the lights flash and bubble come shooting out. Tate has quickly learned the word "Bubble" and we now have to start our day with a Bubble Party.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Surprise Cruise Midnight Buffet!

Paul will be out of town for Valentine's Day. For this reason, I planned a surprise for him on Friday. He loves food. He also loved the 2 cruises we went on before we had Tate. We were reminiscing one night, and it gave me the idea to turn the basement into:


Of course, it was 5pm when we ate, but he loved it. First, Tate helping make the carmel brownies:

The bar with the food and the photo collage of our cruise pics:

The sand filled pool (there was sand EVERYWHERE) and the lounge area. Sabrina (our cat) is trying it out for us:

More V Day cards!

This one is actually a wall hanging...