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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Movie Day

OK--I have a thing for Disney movies. Not the "Dumbo"s or the "Bambi"s, but the cheesy predictable made for Disney channel movies, usually the teen ones... I also love Raven, Lizzie, Even Stevens, etc. It is just good wholesome fun and sometimes I need that. I flipped on High School Musical because my niece, Catie, had told me about it and after 5 minutes, I couldn't turn the channel.

I watched one of my favorite movies of all time today: "How to Make an American Quilt". I teared up several times watching it and I love it even more now that I have started quilting. Creative Spirit, Northern California, Women's Friendships, Love has it all.


Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Science Center

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Tate and I were headed to the Galleria in St. Louis because Humungo-boy doesn't have any light weight pjs that fit anymore. He wears his little high water pj pants and I CAN'T FIND ANY ANYWHERE!!

As we were on our way, I passed the Science Center and fantasized about taking him there to run around. Ya know, one of those idyllic scenes I played out in my head since I was prego. On cue, he started wailing for the first time since we left home... I swear the kid is intuitive/psychic.

At that millisecond, I got off on the exit and I was actually spontaneous for once and we pulled into the Science Center. He had a blast! Most of the stuff was WAY over his head, but he liked seeing the other kids, ran all over and wore himself out. Wee-Hee!!!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The black and white cookie in the blue bag

Don't ever take the bag of OREOs to the computer... These little cookies are the best thing ever and, while they are quite rewarding at the end of a hard day, I can't STOP!!!

Hump Day and it feels like Hump Day. Nothing special occurred today except that Tate and I tried "Dippin' Dots" for the first time. We were trying to give some to him and his friend, Evan, who was getting a tooth in and we thought the coolness of the weirdo ice cream might help. Yea--the stuff is strange. Not sure if I like it, though we ate it, but I don't think I'll be giving up Marble Slab for it.

Oh and by the way--I HATE Charter. I haven't been able get on the internet consistently for the last week during the day, and as soon as Paul gets home, PRESTO! the internet works.

So my question of the day: What is your all time favorite store bought cookie??
I think you know my answer.

4 Oreos were consumed while making this blog.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Weekend Update-Random Thoughts

1. Ever see Chelsea Handler Show on E!? Freaking hilarious. Mind of Mencia is pretty good, too.

2. Forever 21 sucks butt. I went back to buy that flower hoodie and trying to get ANY customer service is impossible.

3. H&M satisfied me, though, with having 2 great sweaters on super duper sale. Buy one get one free!

4. Paul's brother, Steve, came to visit this weekend with his new girlfriend, Sally. We all had a pretty good time. Kind of sucks that he doesn't live closer.

5. I caved and Tate is watching Sesame Street. We'll start "Operation NO TV" tomorrow. I figure it has to be better than all the stupid action movies he was exposed to over the weekend that Paul ALWAYS has on in the background. That, and stupid 80s movies. We did get to see parts of "Fools Rush In" again, but that was after Tate was in bed. Love that movie.

6. We might stay in pjs all day. Stinky still has a cold and I am tired from trying to keep up with my super-social hubby.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Forever 33

Yea that's what they should call the store instead of "Forever 21". The stuff is really cute, even if it does fall apart in 3 washings. I am LOVING their vintage inspired fabrics and the shirt dresses. Another fave is the cute zip up hoodies with flower designs on them.

HOWEVER, are the clothes made for anorexics??? I couldn't fit into hardly any of the clothes I tried on. How exactly is a size 5 smaller than a GAP or J. Crew size 4?? The muffin top that squeezed out (of the size 5 shorts I tried on) was more amazing... Similarly, I could barely get the Medium shirts over my boobies, but then the Large had sleeve opening that were way too big and the rest of the shirt looked like a tent. Basically it looked like cheap maternity wear.

Sunday I might venture out to another store and maybe hit H&M while I am out in the big city of St. Louis. I need some clothes!!

Friday, August 11, 2006

Bye Bye Bert!

I am pretty excited today that I can actually change the color of my text on myspace! It's the little things in life that make it worth livin'...

So last night I found out about a study that basically said the amount of tv watched by children under 2 had a direct effect on their ability to concentrate by the time they were 7. Scary!! In another study I found online (after running to the internet upon hearing this from another dad we know), there is also an effect on their sleep. No more Sesame Street for Tater Tot!! I guess the American Pediatric Assn discourages ANY tv under the age of 2. Why had I not heard of this?? And what about Baby Einstein?? Dude--a whole new generation of ADD on the way...

I love tv. I am pretty much a bleeding heart liberal and want to find natural forms of entertainment, but I LOVE ME SOME TV. I think after 2, I will let Tate watch those fun cute shows like Sesame Street (which I love!) but to be on the safe side, no more electronic babysitter. Sure, I'll miss checking email without interruption in the morning...but it is only for a short time in my life.

What the frick do we do for that hour that previously was tv time? Today we took a bath in bathing suits and blew bubbles. It was pretty fun. I'm gonna have to research more fun activites to try and work hard on "independent play"!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Chocolate Chip Cookies

My sister convinced me to give Tate a cookie, so I baked some. I found this recipe for big soft cookies like the ones i used to eat in high school AS MY LUNCH and they are awesome. I couldn't even finish a whole cookie. Tater Tot has been getting some teeth and has a cold, so today has sucked. The cookie baking was a nice distraction, though I had to hold Tate in the sling and nurse him almost the entire time I was cooking. How do the Amish do it??
The whole house smells so good and it makes me want autumn. I think the 100 degree weather is a blessing--maybe I won't whine about winter as much this year. I found this great site for cool homemade gifts: and then go to the "Links" section. I think it is on the bottom. However, I must warn you, there is some funky stuff out a tampon doll. Under the "Bathroom" section of the plush category.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Same Blog as on myspace

OK you Losers--I'm putting my blog back on myspace because no one reads my Cupcakes and Coffee besides Laura!
Woke up with a headache I had all night, was cranky to Paul this morning, and Tate was cranky right along with me. After breakfast we both mellowed out and we are now watching Sesame Street. It is so cute! I love the songs and I wish we had recordings of some of the better ones. The Andre Boccelli song to get Elmo to sleep chokes me up every time, though I think Elmo is highly annoying.
It should be about 900 degrees here in St. Louis yet again today. This is really hot. This isn't Sacramento hot, FL hot or even TX hot....this is like being in a steam room and not being able to escape. We'll be staying indoors today. Hec--we might not even change out of PJs today!