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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Behind w/ the V Day Crafts

I think this year it will be minimal with the Valentines Day decor. I am accepting this. I did, however, carve out a few moments to make a card.Have you seen Monsters Inc? Don't you think she looks like Boo?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sleep Deprived but still Creating.

My little Sunny Sunshine is finally sleeping in her crib, but wakes up at least 4 times a night for some milk. Yes, yes I know...I am indulging her, but OMG have you seen her? She is the cutest thing and such a little snuggle bug, it is hard to deny her. We will be on Operation Sleep-thru-the-night this weekend, but until then, ignore the bags under my eyes and stupidity.
I managed to clean my craft room recently. It took 3 days and it is the size of a really teeny bedroom. At Christmas time I had just shoved stuff in every nook and cranny that I could find, just to get it out of the way, and it had caught up with me. So I decided that I couldn't make anything else until it was clean. Here was Stage 1 of clearing it all out.Ok so now that it is clean, I have started to make a quilt (for someone special that I can't mention or I will ruin the surprise...).

And lastly, flowers inside the house make the biggest difference, don't you think? Every time I see these, it makes me smile!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What have I been up to?

Updating and adding to this...Wrapping this...Making this (part of what was inside the package): crayon roll from The Creative Family by Amanda Soule.Helping Tate do this... using Japanese Masking tape to decorate.Eating this....Cuddling this...

Sunday, January 02, 2011

happy new year 2011

House is somewhat clean, babe is sleeping.... ahhhh. Even the little guy is outside playing. Ok, more like performing what he calls "High School Musical 11" on the steps in the garden, but still in his little imaginative world. I love it.

Yesterday I was so tired it hurt. But I went into my craft room to make a gift for a friend (needed it by Monday!) and it was so therapeutic. My husband asks why I don't hit the pillow the moment my babe falls asleep, and I say to him, I need a little alone time to create for my own soul. I mean, if you worked any other job around the clock, and slept in the hours that you didn't work, how fun would that be? I need to create to keep going when I am up rocking in the chair from 1a-3a.