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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Toddler Time!

Tate and I found the greatest Toddler Group, sponsored by the County, here in MI. Once a week it meets at a park, and also once a week at an indoor location. We actually have the option of going a 3rd time as well and Tate has been loving it. He was very shy and had a small meltdown initially, but was dancing in the middle by the end.
Today we had a nature scavenger hunt and an obstacle course in the playground. Afterwards, Catie, Tate and I had a picnic lunch. It was really fun, even if we had to drive 30 minutes in cornfields to get there.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

If Kettlecorn was Crack...

If Kettlecorn was Crack, I'd be in big trouble. I'd be hanging out with Lyndsay and Britney at Promises Rehab. I cannot resist its sweet salty combo and even though after I eat an entire bag, my stomach reels, I can't stop.

We went to the County Fair today and had fun. Tate wore his "Birthday Boy" Tshirt that I made this morning with some iron ons and a white tshirt that I had in the house. He climbed up this huge put-together-by-carnies slide/play contraption with me closely behind, and didn't even hesitate as we crossed the metal swinging bridge at about 15' in the air to get to the final slide. Yea...the final slide that apparently the must spray silicone or, i don't know, Pam cooking spray because we FLEW down it. Totally worth our $3.

Monday, July 09, 2007

My BDay!!

So I am 34 today. I remember when I thought that was so mature, so put together, so adult. However, as Tate and I were jumping and jumping on the trampoline and later, swimming in the pool, I felt like I was still a kid.... a kid with a little buddy to hang out with.

My family had a nice informal party for me with cupcakes, gifts, and chinese food for dinner. It was great. We actually celebrated yesterday as well, so I wasn't expecting the surprise celebration today. OK--I was expecting the chinese food :)

Yesterday we went to Ann Arbor to go to Zingerman's Deli and hang out in Kerrytown. I still get that excited feeling in my gut every time I pull into "A squared". I had it every time I returned when I was in college, and it still has yet to go away. I love it. There are so many great things about that town and the energy and open spirit just gets to you. It isn't just the university thing either, because we were barely even on campus. I had to call one of my best college friends, Alex, and tell him that I was in Ann Arbor. He always suggests to our pack of friends that we all come back and settle there. I would love to!