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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Vacation

 My favorite, but must check and make sure it is Fair Trade.  I researched a little and it said it was, but since it was on forums, etc., I must check for sure...

Another fun activity when the kids say they are bored.... (from Family Fun) 
 The final pillow for Soleil's nursery.  She's 18 months old.
 A lesson for the holiday season.  He even got to ring the bell!
 Is every 1st grader obsessed with Angry Birds?  He wanted them before he has even ever seen the game.  Good marketing, I tell you.  (They are cuddly...)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Random stuff I like Dec 2011

I am in a creative frenzy.  I am randomly looking at things I like, watching Alanis Morissette videos (the newer stuff that not many people have seen, not the old angry ones...) and thinking about the future.  Maybe it is the time of year, maybe it the bar of dark chocolate I ate earlier, who knows.

Firstly, Here is another photo of the chaise that I want.  Tate and I have been back to look at it 3 times.  No one who weighs in on it seems to like it!  Too big, too impractical, too expensive for what you get,  might not fit in the next house.  But I love it. 

 I finally scrapbooked.  More importantly, I finally made a flipping friend, who ASKED me to scrapbook!  We had a great time, and I can't wait to crop again.  (For those of you know don't know the verb "crop", it is just nerd speak for cut up pretty paper and stickers and decorate your photos.)

Here are my dad's chihuahuas in felt form for his Christmas tree.  I had to make one for my babe, Soleil, after she kept stealing them.

Thank you, Kate Hewitt, for keeping me in British biscuits for awhile.  (They are my fave, Jammie Dodgers.)

 I didn't make this, but I want to.  Found the idea in a magazine in the pediatricians' office.

Am I too old for this? Ok, I love it.  And yes, it is totally excessive and ridiculous for an almost 40 year old to own.  But I can admire it....

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Natural Play Space

Tate's new school is in a new building.  The building used to be some sort of business, so they do not have a playground.  The school is in the process of planning what they will do with the play space.  After experiencing wonderful play areas at Shining Rivers School in St Louis and Batheaston Primary School in Bath, UK, I can say that kids really love a natural play space.  Not just my kid.  All kids! 

I started to research photos of playgrounds that do not have that big clunky equipment.  The photos are sooo inspiring and make me want to create some of these lovely things in my own yard.

Willow trees can be grown into little caves or forts.  I love them!
 Here is a little reading circle we found by accident whilst geocaching.
 We also found this den, obviously made by kids (the opening in the front is about 2.5 feet high) and Tate loved it.  I can stand in it in its tallest point!  Funny enough, it is located in a little space NEXT to a  traditional metal/plastic playground.
 All you need is a big pile of hay!
 And the reading circle, again, but closer to winter.
 As I said, all kids seem to respond to the outdoors.  I came early to pick Tate up from school and caught the end of recess/playtime.  They had found these ice chunks and as a group, they stacked them to make an "ice castle".  When I saw them working all together, enjoying themselves, my heart melted.

I want to play outside, too!!  
(She has a 3 month sized dress on that Daddy put her in while I was away.   She is 18 months old. Notice the size of the sleeves!!) 

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Listen to Nature

I once had a yoga teacher tell me that this time of year, we should listen to nature.  It is when things start to slow down and hibernate, and instead we humans rush around and make this a very busy time of year.

When I was a kid, I would get sick every Christmas.  It was too much for me.  Too much excitement, too much activity, too much of everything.  This was why Halloween was my favorite holiday, I think.

When I had Tate, I started to like Christmas again.  By then, I had figured out how to avoid getting caught up in the "too much" and it was fun to make things magical for him.  Now with 2 kiddos, I enjoy the holidays even more.

We have had a rough few months.  I can feel myself fight the pressure to be busy with what I know works best for me....quiet, calmness, staying at home.

How do you feel about the holiday season?