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Monday, July 31, 2006

I guess I'll learn something...

I'm happy that I have a new blog, but I'm realizing I am going to have to learn a some html codes to make it as snazzy as I want. While at first this seems like a pain, I'll be excited to have as much computer knowledge as the average high school kid who has memorized codes to change their myspace on a regular basis. I sound like I am busting on them, but when I taught at Abilene High, I was amazed at how much the kids knew about webpages, computers, and technology in general.

One thing I miss from my previous blog:
1. mood of the day
2. what you are watching/listening
3. how many have viewed the blog
4. comments WITHOUT having to sign up on blogger

SO here are my additions---MOOD-a little groggy LISTENING-Sesame Street's Veggie Dance

Friday, July 28, 2006

I feel all grown up!

Hi everyone!
I got tired of 16 year old perverts on myspace asking to "Be my friend" and if I have any "hot pictures", so I decided to find a new home for my blog. As for the name of my blog, it is the name of my imaginary cafe that I often get ideas in "If I had a cafe, I'd name it 'Coffee and Cupcakes". Yea--I know it is the other way around, but the first name was taken on blogger, even though when I looked online, I couldn't find it anywhere.

It is Friday night and I plan on jumping in the hot tub, drink a huge glass of water, and maybe IM my sister for a bit.

If anyone who reads this lives in the St. Louis area, avoid 64/44/55 like the plague. Tate and I were going on a falafel run (I had a craving) and after attempting to get across the bridge, I turned around, only to find myself in a pretty undesirable part of town, got lost, and then ended up at Taco Bell an hour later. Oh and the best part of the day?? Getting lectured from the lady sitting next to us in TB telling me how I basically failed as a parent because Tate doesn't drink from a bottle. On a more positive note, Caramel Apple Empanadas ROCK.