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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Project 24: Moving Kits

We are moving to Norfolk, VA for a year.  We sold the house on the day the moving truck arrived!  I will miss our yellow house with the great covered entrance...  We spent a lot of time out there, and I hope the next family loves it as much as we did. 

Wayyyy before the moving truck arrived, I somehow had a moment to throw together these little kits for Soleil (age 3.)  Inside are little activities that are simple and easy for her to do on her own while we are in the hotel or even in a restaurant. 

Here is what is inside:
1.  Stickers and Circle Cardstock
2.  Little cardboard squares (cut from a diaper box) and artist crayons and sharpener
3.  Matching game made from foam shapes
4.  Pony Beads and Pipe Cleaners
5.  Blank Card, Glue Stick, Scraps of paper, more stickers. (not pictured)

 For the trip, and for the multiple days in hotels, I also put together these boxes.  The Snapware ones are particularly genius.  I put activities for me, and the little kits for Soleil in the bottom, Toys and Bedtime books for Soleil in the top, and Tate had his own box with whatever he chose to put in it.  We can bring the boxes in easily, and the kids know right where to go when it is time to play.  They both also have one small canvas bag that they filled before we left, with whatever they wanted.  (Those are easy to get into while they are in the car.)

My section contains a variety of felt, needles, small scissors, embroidery thread, small ruler, as well some magazines, a small sketch book, and pens.  (I think the pens have been lifted by my children, but they were in there when we started this trip!)

Friday, July 19, 2013

Schwartz Summer Camp: Super Spy Week

As I do for any themed weeks, I go through the kids' stuff and pull out anything that relates.  You would be amazed at all the stuff I was able to find!  The only thing I bought was the Spy Master Book.  Everything else was sourced from toy boxes, office supplies I had, and the library.  (I also ordered a copy of the movie Spy Kids, which we received at the end of the week.) 

 The kids woke up to this, and they played for a good chunk of time.  I later found codes like these all over the house.
 On Tate's birthday, I gave the kids this:
I created a treasure hunt/spy mission with each clue paired with a puzzle activity.  (I had one for each kid that was age appropriate.)  Some of the activities were Tangoes, Hidden Pictures that I found online, Memory game (only a few cards to solve), message written in code from one of Tate's code books, fingerprinting, simple matching game with foam shapes.  The kids loved it, though Tate just wanted the clues, and was willing to do the activity afterwards.  At the end, I had his birthday presents hidden as the treasure.
(My parents did this for me once, and there was bubble gum ice cream at the end, hidden in the grill.  I still remember it fondly!)

Thursday, July 04, 2013

Schwartz Summer Camp: Paint Relay

Last year, I had every week of summer planned out.  This year, I am moving, (which means that I don't have summer planned).   And I hate moving.  I am a Cancer Crab who likes to nest and be at home, and when that is disrupted, I freak out.  Like my parents' chihuahua mix Wendy.  Here is Wendy:

With no plan, I still had a few activities that I came up with for the day when I don't want the kids to be in front of the tv, and they are starting to get bored.  

So today....PAINTING RELAY!!! 

Set up four stations, Set the timer for 5 minutes, and rotate through.  (I also recommend starting 2 kids on #1 and #3, instead of #1 and #2 because if the 3 year old wants to linger, no one argues.)