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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Home Again!

Drinking tea out of this... Have I posted a pic of this teapot before? I can't remember this morning.

And here is my brother and my nephew at the BBQ my parents hosted for us in MI:

Still haven't sold house or car. Going away party is this weekend. Wanting to nestle into "home" for the last few weeks before the big move.

Have a great day!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

In Michigan

Sorry for the lack of posts, but we are in MI visiting my family (and dropping off Sabrina, our cat) before we move.
food, scrapbooking, ice cream at the park, helping with new flooring, laughing at inappropriate things with my siblings, lots of puppies, and more....
Pics to follow sometime between returning home and movers arriving.
Yep--I'm slightly freaking out that time is going by so quickly! I am looking forward to our adventure, but moving...ICKY.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Rainy Day Activities

I watched this movie on Mother's Day. I loved it and cried multiple times...I just love both Keri Russell and Jonathan "My Boyfriend" Rhys Meyers.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Stink Mop and Rag Ball

Hi all--
I know I haven't blogged for awhile and I wish I had some creations to post...but I don't. I got out to Archiver's last Sunday but didn't really get a chance to even make an ATC. We kind of were ambushed by a very friendly guy that wanted to teach us how to draw. He was nice, but I wanted to say "I only get this afternoon of free time! LEmme SCRAP!" (I didn't say it, just thought it.)

OK on to Stink Mop...SO Paul and I were watching a show (I won't admit to which one but it is intended for high schoolers/20 yr olds and it is about basketball and drama in a small town..LOL) and the characters were having a water fight. Paul and I start reminiscing about stupid stuff you do as a kid. Paul tells me about STINK MOP, which I guess is made up on Simpsons or Mike Myers or something...I had a hard time googling it. Apparently, you pee on a mop and play tag with the mop until your parents come home. I know, I are all appalled. I died laughing. And then said "Oh yea...we soooo would have played that!"

Ok-- on to Rag Ball. This was an actual game that we played. We would stand at the kitchen and toss a wet washcloth into the dishwater. You got points for making it and more points for the size of the splash.
1. We were supposed to be washing dishes when the game was invented.
2. No...there weren't any parents home.

I can't believe the stuff we would do and the messes we would make. We also had "Chin Power Clean" that would occur about 20 min. before my parents were due back. We turned up the radio REALLY LOUD and frantically tried to clean up whatever mess we made.

I totally understand if you have lost all respect for me....