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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Inspired while Shopping

How cute is this?  And how easy to find a thrifted wooden chair and some paint?

And speaking of paint, this is what you get when you use the new Martha Stewart craft paint and an old lamp.  I didn't love it at first, but after it dried and a good lampshade, it seems to fit in my craft room perfectly!

This pretty display is from a small shop called The Bee Cottage.  The decorative "ribbon" is strips of cotton, dyed in light colors and stamped with parisian images.  These would be great to put on the outside of a package.

And this is also at The Bee Cottage.  I love how these little pouches are displayed.

 At Caribou Coffee.

I think they sell this at Hallmark.  I love how the magnets look like Christmas cookies!

Monday, November 07, 2011

Feeling Nesty

I really love fall.  It makes me want to make my nest all cozy like.

I bought this yesterday and I LOVE it.  I particularly like the ideas to reuse packaging (clean, of course!)  in the cutest ways.

I want to get settled into this new house as quickly as possible.  We now have all of our stuff here, but the placement isn't where I want it yet.  I am taking room by room, trying to make it home.  This weekend, I reorganized Tate's "shop".  We also were able to donate extra art supplies to his school.

Soleil is feeling nesty herself.  She has been doing LOTS of grocery shopping.  We empty out her cart, and she fills it over and over.  (My pantry is now a huge mess, but I can't help how cute she is. It took me 15 minutes to find the baking powder earlier tonight. )

Found this great blog, since I have been a little obsessed with home decor lately:  
It has been very inspiring and making me want to make my house a home even more!

Paul has finally been able to get out a bit, and we took a family trip to the furniture store.  We realize with Paul having to lay flat on the couches, we need extra seating.  
(2 comfy chairs? oversized chaise? chair and a half?)   The kids voted for this piece.  I kind of love it, but Paul said no way, since we move often and, while it will work in this house, it may not work in the next.