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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Toddler Fun or What to do with all those Plastic Animals

A tray of dry used coffee grounds (for a project I was going to do), and a small box of all the plastic animals that we have accrued in the past 6.5 years,  and a muffin tin.  This, surprisingly, is fun.  

Then, when you want just one more cup of coffee/moment of quiet, give the toddler a warm, soapy bowl of water on a towel and have them wash off the animals.  This, is even more fun.
The only mishap is when my babe took a spoonful of coffee and tried to eat it when I first put it in front of her.  Yep--I'm the parent of the year!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Random Spring 2012

Baking with helpers.

 I wish I could get away with wearing this.
 I found these kits at Home Goods.  There were several different crafts and they were all adorable!

I want to make some of these.

 Trying out car seats at Target.  She didn't want to get out. 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

We love Cupcake Shops!

....Especially when they have ice cream as well, since that is the only treat that Tate really likes.
I love the beautiful shelving and lighting of this place, which was in Delray Beach, FL while we were on vacation.  (It is called Cupcake Couture)

The guy in the background looking at his iPhone bought his 5 year old 6 full sized cupcakes and let him eat as much as he wanted!  
The kid was really cute and ended up talking with Tate, wanting to play with him.

They were showing Charlie and The Chocolate Factory on one of these oven/tvs.  LOVE THEM!

Tate and Paul as we get ready to leave. 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Chaise Wars


vs. THIS
One I wanted, the other I bought.  Take home message, don't settle!  
I hate the one I bought, every time I sit on it.  

I did leave the tags on it, aren't letting the kids near it, and attempting to sell it on Craigs List.  If it sells, I will immediately go get the slight animal print, over sized, crazy looking chaise that will make ME SMILE EVERY TIME MY BUTT SITS IN IT. :)

(UPDATE:  6 months later, I went and bought the big chaise.  Every person who enters my house sits in it and loves it!  I kept the other chaise as well.  It fits in the kids' reading area...)