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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Art in Season Store!

Check this out:

My friend, Paula just opened her online shop!! She has the most wonderful altered art items themed for Halloween and autumn. I particular LOVE the "Love Potion #9 Wand" and all of the black glitter on the Halloween Paper Mache Houses.

Stop by and see!

London Scrap Conference-Peel Offs ARE cute!

I have written about peel offs in this post and many commented about how they can't imagine using this UK product, that I personally hadn't seen before I moved here. Here are few videos of some beautiful creations made with these weird little stickers.

A special thanks to my new friends, Kay and Suezie for sharing their creativity with us!

Also, I plan on hosting an ATC swap soon....I met some great ladies here who are excited to exchange with American crafters and their cards were lovely.

Needless to say, I had a great time.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Calgon Take Me Away

(For those UK readers, there was this commercial for bubble bath called Calgon...)

Some days, I look at Tate in awe, and I enjoy the routine of our day. Ya know... the crafts, the park, going to the shops with him as he pulls the little shopping cart behind him and happily sings on his way home whilst in the buggy.

Today is not one of those days.

It is mainly my fault, since last night at about 10p, I discovered the new season of "The Hills" was accessible on youtube. Yea.........I stayed up way to late (and yes I am total nerd for my "Hills" addiction).

Oh and did I mention it is "no-nap" day? On Tuesdays, the Waldorf playgroup is at 1:30p, which is right in the middle of nap time. We love it so much, we sacrifice the nap but holy long day, batman! I know, I know, there are women out there with a whole house full of babies that are laughing at me and cursing me as they read, but whatever...I am tired.

And then Tate just handed me my to-do list with all the boxes checked, with his name written all over it and said "Here Babycakes!" *reluctant, but much needed smile*

Monday, September 15, 2008

Finally Creating Again,

Baby Felt Pumpkins.
What are they for? I am not sure yet, but I was inspired by a friend who had baby felt hearts in a tray on her coffee table with shiny confetti and stones with words about love placed around candles. Actually, I made these to send to her if I can ever get them away from Tate.

And Marble Shaving Cream Painting.
This was really a kids project, but I was looking for the how-to on the internet, and I read you can used it for book covers, scrapbooking, etc. It was really fun.

I used crayola paints, but I suggest food coloring or a larger quantity of cheap old school (water-based) paint that has been watered down a bit.

Now that we have a routine, I have been planning an activity for Tate in the afternoons. This is our list for this week:
1. Shaving Cream Painting
2. File Folder Scrapbooking--visit office supply store for inspiration. SCRAP with office supplies.
3. Make Your Own Word Search
4. Crayon Cakes
5. Fingerprint Tree

Yes, I was on the internet late on Sunday night....

Friday, September 12, 2008

Home Tour!

If you want to see parts 2-4, I'll add your email to the private list on youtube. Please excuse the lack of cleaning, Paul being half naked, and me being in my pajamas.

Fall 08 *Inspired* by...

Goddess Guide-- This is a cool tip guide about fashion, food, places to go, things to buy. Mostly it is centered around places and things in London, Paris and New York, but with the internet most items to buy from the guide are accessible to all. Also, it is written to look like an old school scrapbook with lots of art and comments in the margins.

Chartreuse Green and Deep Chocolate Brown

Men in Suits, with umbrellas, saying stuff like "Good Day" and "Cheerio", ok maybe not "Cheerio", but they look they should say it.

"The Party Planner" by David Tutera--makes me want to have a party...He shows the perfect attention-to-detail visions like The Secret Garden Tea Party with gorgeously fragrant flowers, sparkling glittery butterflies everywhere, and elegant tulle hanging with the garden as a backdrop.

Those Dang Chic Moms I see everywhere. I really need to step up my game!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

A few London photos!

On the tube. Tate and a friend. Our favorite seat in the house.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Now that essentials are unpacked...

TIME TO ORGANIZE the scrapbook/art room/office!!

The room is amazing, with a spot for Paul, one for Tate and lots and lots of shelves for me. I am looking for cute (preferably COLORFUL) baskets that make the room look like of those craft rooms in the magazines. Right now, it is a mismatch of rubbermaid containers and other plastic a "before" photo of a room makeover.

Suggestions of a place to get cute organizational stuff? via online order? or in London?

Paul was online camera shopping last night, so I am hopeful we will have photos soon.

Now I leave you with a photo of a paper craft supply that is used often here in the UK called "Peel Offs". They look like very boring stickers from 1990s scrapbooking, but I am amazed and inspired at the creations that some folks have made with them.