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Monday, April 08, 2013

Inspired by... SPRING 2013

Some days, I walk around and am inspired by lots that I see.  Thank goodness for the iPhone....I take a ton of pictures to remember later.  When I need some ideas and feel the need for creative vibes, I go window shopping, go to Barnes and Noble and leaf through new magazines, or seek out a cute bakery that I have never been to before.  Luckily, I have a very cute sidekick who loves these types of trips. 

Since we have been showing the house, and we need to be out and about, we have had been out A LOT.  So much, in fact, that I just want to settle into my craft room and not leave for a few days.  I shouldn't complain... I want to sell our house, but I am realizing that I am more of a homebody than I realized.  

 Angel Food Bakery. AMAZING.  The staff was ridiculously attentive and very nice, and there is a long glass counter where you can watch them make all of the day's treats.  I had to pull Soleil out of there!

 Coffee was really good.  (It is Peace Coffee, my favorite.)

 My pretty writing materials for "Ease into Spring" by Bella Cirovic.  She sends daily emails with activities, inspiration, thoughts to think about, etc. She has another ecourse scheduled for June and you can find it here.  I am loving her current course!

Oh and I made this.  Another Apron... I am not claiming it as Project 21, as you guys have seen 2 other aprons already!  (I love making them....)