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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Project 23: Weaved Yarn Basket

My mom gave me these "Yarn Basket Templates" from Clover.  I wasn't really sure about it, but after my first basket, I was hooked.  Ok.  The pink one is really ugly (so ugly, that I left it at my parents' house!) but it is so soothing and meditative to weave the yarn to make these.  

I tried a second basket on the way home from Michigan with prettier, chunkier yarn.  (GREAT cartrip craft project!) After changing yarn, I loved them for the look, as well as the process.  Soleil is using this basket for her stuffed kitty, but there are tons of things you could use it for.
Basket Tutorial
1. Glue fabric or felt on both sides of the bottom of the basket. (in blue)
2. Weave the yarn in and out of 6 holes, then return the other way all the way around the basket.
3. Continue weaving all the way to the holes.
4. Sew the in and out of the holes to secure. Knot and cut yarn.
5. Wrap, with the assistance of clothespins, more yarn around the basket until nice and thick.
6. Sew around the wrapped yarn (from the top to the next hole, as opposed to sewing side to side) and gather the wrapped yarn until it hugs the circumference of the basket.

Once I made one, I realized that you could trace the template on a cereal box and make as many as you want. I have the square basket, and the oval, and the link I attached is for a 3rd style, which looks great as well!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Catie's Candyland Open House

What I have been working on over the past few weeks....  Catie, my niece, has wanted a Candyland theme for her graduation party for 4 years!! We have been planning it ever since she saw another party that was candy themed.  I didn't get a final photo when it was all set up, but I am hoping that someone did!  I will post it, if I get one:)