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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Rocker for Summer

In the back of the great British magazine, Country Living (VERY different from the US version...) there was a little ad.

I'm in love with their rockers!!!

How pretty would this be in a secret garden? (Funny enough, I think that is the name of this model.)
And as a snuggly place for a book? Tate would LOVE it.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Break 2011

Ever head to Ikea, just to eat the meatballs (or 99p breakfast in our case) and to be inspired?? Seriously, we got out of there spending less than a tenner. It was the first day of Easter Break, and the weather wasn't great, so we just let the boy run around the place, took lots of pictures, ate cheap food, and thought about ideas for the next house.

Later in the week, we made marbled Easter Eggs with Shaving Cream painting. I got the idea from smilemonsters Linky Party (on my sidebar). She has a post most Fridays with lots of things to do with kids.
Since Paul was home for the 2 weeks, I was able to escape to The Makery and FINALLY learn how to sew on a zipper!! (It is much easier than it seems, now that I have had a formal lesson.)
And I got to help my friend, Kirsty, make this amazing looking Hello Kitty cake. So fun!
Nope. I don't want to leave Bath. I was able to spend some good time with friends and will be savoring every moment with them in the weeks to come. I really wish the UK and the US were closer....

And on a totally unrelated note, I am sooo making this for my chihuahua loving dad.
(He has 4 of them.)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Let Me Eat Cake

Reading this, that I found at the library...

The cover isn't that cute, but the book is really good!

When I was googling the cover, I found another book with the same name. And I will be reading it, too when I can:)

And it doesn't stop there....apparently, this is the hot shirt of the moment because Beyonce wore it. (It IS cute.) However, it is $45.50. MARKED DOWN FROM $70! FOR A TSHIRT!!!
So then I looked further, and this one was much more affordable, at Dylan's Candy Bar for $15.
And lastly, found this great foodie blog, which I have bookmarked already.

Monday, April 04, 2011

Savoring the Simple

Tea with friends.
A smiley babe.

Our dining table. (Paul sold our real table in preparation for our move to the US.)

Cute little boys who love to do photo shoots.

Stamped tags, available at The Makery.
Today I showed the house (to sell) to a Lady. As in "married-to-a-Lord". To me, being American, it sounded all fancy, which made me go into overdrive cleaning the house. I might be in bed before 9pm tonight! She was lovely, and actually a completely down to earth grandma who was super sweet to the baby.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Party Planning

We are moving, so the last thing I need to obsess about is party planning. There are so many great sites with beautiful tablescapes and decorations, that it makes me want to plan and have a party. I get so excited to see coordinated colors and yummy food, all organized and pretty.

Here are a few other sites that I found.

Now, doesn't that make you want to have a party? Which is your favorite? What is the best themed party that you have ever been to?