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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday Inspiration

Loving this podcast: (click on photo for link)Listening to Courtyard Hounds

A serene play area from a Waldorf/Steiner school. Makes me want to reorganize all of our toys!
I want to get this now!! One Yard WondersBeen Watching Old Episodes of The City
IT is rainy, and I just want to sit here in my creative flurry and maybe work on my quilt. However, I promised a certain 4 yr old that we will go swimming... He just came out with his "swimming costume" in hand.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Clean with Podcasts

My friend, Ursula, always talks about listening to podcasts. I wanted something listen to on the way to London, so I thought I would take a peek on itunes. A WHOLE NEW WORLD HAS BEEN OPENED FOR ME!!!
Cleaning and cooking are SO MUCH better when you are listening to a podcast.

This was my first one: The Parent Experiment, hosted by Theresa Strasser and Adam Carolla's hilarious wife, Lynette.
This is NOT for the mild eared... they swear a lot, and speak very frankly about being parents. IT IS SO FUNNY. This led to me downloading Adam Carolla's podcast as well. Again, not to be listened to while kids around.

I also found some cool, kid friendly craft podcasts, the LOST podcasts, and even some great childrens' stories.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Half Term in London

Tate at the Tate (Britain), doing a project from the Art Trolley.Natural History Museum. (Tate "my favorite is the Dinosaurus Rex!", as he hides behind the wall while viewing him...)
Happy Chinese New Year in Chinatown.
"Everything is going to be alright" (see top of museum.)
And while Tate and I were in the book store, I found this:

Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Crafts

...and I really, really want it! I love every bit of it. Everything was presented so elegantly and the photography is great.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Top Ten: London with Kids

1. There are no public restrooms practically anywhere. When you go to eat or to a museum, make everyone "go" no matter what.

2. Bring an umbrella buggy. Preferably a Macleran. If you bring a big buggy and try to ride the tube or bus, you will be very frustrated.

3. Try to avoid tube/bus between 8-9a and 5-6pm. (the am rush hour is a bit later here than in US). Oh, and go to the end of the platform when you have kids. There is usually more space there.

4. Pack snacks.

5. Half term: the week that English and French school kids have off in the middle of the term. This means EVERYTHING is busier. If you have to travel during this time (refer to internet for dates), get to the museums before they open and stay for only a few hours. Or, go for the last few hours of the day. The middle of the day is worse than a mall at Christmas.

6. At about 3pm, head back to the hotel for tea, snacks, a little downtime. If you have a child that naps--DO NOT SKIP NAPS.

7. Bring an umbrella and rain cover for matter what the weather looks like when you leave the hotel.

8. If you go during half term and want to see a childrens' show, book tickets ahead of time. THEY WILL BE SOLD OUT.

9. Do not, I repeat, do not wear sweats, white tennis shoes, or wet hair to breakfast. All other cultures attend breakfast in the hotel fully dressed and you will look like a sloppy American if you do otherwise.

10. Carry the ugly backpack, instead of the cute handbag. You will be happy when you are able to carry snacks, a few small toys, babywipes, etc AND have your hands free to hold on to your little one on the busy, busy streets.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Cute Stuff Feb '09

A few very cute things....

(I want the pants in MY size.)Adams (in the UK)Lirola--such romantic and beautiful stuff.

Monday, February 01, 2010

One Small Change for FEB

In case you didn't read my January post... "One Small Change" is hosted by Hip Mountain Mama.

January: Remember my reusable grocery bags. I did ok. Could have done better. One day when we forget them in the car, Tate and I just put everything in the cart loose, wheeled it out to car, and packed the bag there. He is in the habit of saying "No bag", which is pretty cute coming out of a 4 year old mouth. Also found a cool site:
I'm going to have to order something like this, since Tate had his first packed lunch at school, and ended up eating NOTHING since he couldn't get his rubbermaid containers open on his own. I was forced to use ziplocs today and that is just not going to work in the long term.

February: I started this already in January after being inspired by my son telling me all about "Eco-week" at school. We don't turn on the lights after school unless absolutely necessary (about the time it is time to prepare dinner). This required candles for a few weeks, but now we are seeing more sunlight!!!


Ok-I have tried pre-prepared eco cleaners in the past. I couldn't seem to like them as much as I love my Comet.
I love Comet. The smell. The color.

However, I saw a tutorial on cleaning a stainless steel sink on youtube and the woman mentioned baking soda and vinegar. So I gave Tate a measuring cup of each and thought to myself "Volcano Time!"
OK the STUFF WORKS!!!! It works better than Comet, dare I say. The abrasiveness of the baking soda with the extra power of the vinegar....I can't believe it, but it works wonderfully. Also, it is really fun for entertaining a kid, which was the whole point of me trying it.