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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

WalMart Guy, you are a butt

It is pouring, freezing cold and I decide to go to WalMart. I hate WalMart. It also happens to be one of Paul's favorite places. Anyway, I shop to the point that Tate is ready to meltdown and head out in the rain. Oh yea, and I forgot at WalMart, they don't take your groceries out for you.

So here I am, extremely heavy baby in one arm, multiple bags in the other, trying to load up my car while the wind and rain blow. And that wind decides to gust an push my cart away from my car. At this moment, this guy walks right by my car, (mere inches away) and the f#%*tard looks right at me and sees me struggling to save the cart AND HE WALKS RIGHT BY.

A Target customer would have never done that...

Oh and to further illustrate the madness that is WalMart, there was a line of people in the lobby camping out for the midnight release of the new was 3:30pm.

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