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Monday, January 19, 2009

Roman Holiday

1. Food was amazing. I know, not a big surprise. Do you think Tate got tired of spaghetti?? Nope--he requested it again for dinner yesterday.
2. The Roman ruins were really impressive. Yea, I had seen photos, but up close you see how incredibly giant it all is. And the detail in every little piece...crazy to think when and how it was created.
3. Vatican--same comment as #2.
4. Looking for comfy cool boots? This was the place to find them. (Bethany!!)
5. Not all Gelato is created equal. But I'm not complaining about any of it.
6. Tate wants to live in a hotel.


Laura Chin said...

So Tate loved the spaghetti, what was your favorite, and Pauls?

alittlebitofscrap said...

You guys look great and love the photos. What was your move fav thing about Rome?

ursula said...

Love the excited you guys got to experience that...and that you all remembered passports this time. BTW...luv the green pants (I could NEVER pull that off)!