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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Football Sunday?

The Uof M vs. Iowa game started at 11:30pm local time. For this reason, AFN (Armed Forces Network) aired the game today, starting at 11:30a.
Paul is from Iowa.

My dad is a die hard U of M fan.

They have a bet...

I have been programmed to make food on any day that you watch football, so I share with you my easiest football food recipe.
(There was only one left by the time I got to the plate to take a photo.)

*warning: this is one of those annoying recipes without exact amounts.

1 package Crescent Rolls

2-3 slices of Ham

Big Scoop of Cream Cheese

TBS of Mayo

tsp of dijon mustard

Equal amount of cheese as ham (any kind will do, I used shredded mexican)

Chop ham and cheese up very small. Mix with cream cheese, mayo and mustard. Spread on inside of unbaked crescent rolls and roll up. Bake until done.

I also use this recipe as a last minute snack for playdates.

1 comment:

Mona said...

You had better find the Iowa T-shirt that fits your Dad before your next visit. I am sure Paul is going to love watching Dad wear it!