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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Home Sweet Home Holiday

(That's apple juice in the glass, not wine!!)

I really like when Tate is home from school. Instead of feeling frustrated with what to do, we get into a nice rhythm that I don't want to come out of when school starts back up. Yep, I could totally homeschool my kid.

As we have been home, I find myself being freshly inspired by many websites. I am looking for ideas of fun things to do (there is an unending list once you start looking), and in doing so, I stumble across many things that make me feel inspired as a crafter.

A few sites:

1 comment:

Marja said...

Hope you had a nice Christmas yesterday and are getting a chance to relax and that you're not feeling too sicky! I read your blog whenever you update as it's nice to keep up with you all. How is that book that you showed a photo of? I have seen it on amazon but wasn't sure if it was worth buying as I am not able to see the inside.

Will check out the blog links you shared too :)