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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Holiday Season Part 1

I just read this:
Very entertaining, AND it got me in the mood to prepare for Christmas. I highly recommend finding fun Christmas books at boot/garage sales and used book stores and putting them away to pull out in November. It gets you in the mindset before everything starts in December!

A few other tips:
1. Many websites have fun Christmas puzzles that you can print out. I plan on printing out 25, one for each morning to have on hand for Tate while I drink that precious first cup of coffee.
2. Make a few desserty things and freeze them. (Chocolate chip cookie dough, apple bars, etc.) That way, when people pop over unexpectedly, you have a treat for them.
3. Preshop. Before the craziness, Soleil and I went into town just to look around. It gave me an idea of what I need to get and will save time later. In fact, I might just order the things I found online and save me the trip later.
4. Stay at home. If you have 10 events scheduled during the holidays, do 7 of them. You will be glad when you aren't all frazzled at the end.
5. Light a candle. The delightful scents can only help you relax during this busy time.

1 comment:

flora said...

we're getting the holiday mood already. we just put up our tree this past weekend! can you believe it!