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Thursday, May 05, 2011

Happiness Project Inspiration

I am reading this, recommended by my friend, Sophie.
It is pretty good. It is about a woman who makes a list of small things that she can do each month to make a positive change in her life. She is a bit intense about how she goes about it, but the general point is a great idea.

My 2 things for the month are:
1. Go to bed earlier/get more sleep.
2. Write more letters to friends. (One letter for
one friend per week.)

I LOVE anything mail/post related. I love sending and receiving letters and even playing mail/post man with Tate.

Found a scrapbook store in France. :) Love the postcard stamp.And totally unrelated, another friend of mine and I went to Trowbridge today. We found this excellent Italian cafe that had amazing antipasti. When I went to the toilet.... It made my day.


Laura Chin said...

I studied that toilet for a moment trying to figure out why it made you happy...what is it? lol

Cat said...


ursula said...

I was the first letter! YOU made my day getting mail too, maybe I should work on writing more! Thanks so much!!!

Lisa Mc said...

I read that book at the end of last summer and want to read through it again. Very motivational@