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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fighting to Keep Things Simple

Apple Cinnamon Tea.  Ahhhhhhh.

Moving back to the US has been interesting.  One thing we have noticed, is that there seems to be more pressure to schedule things here.  I am fighting that urge and wanting to spend lots of time at home. 

With Paul's back in the state that is in, we are trying to keep it simple. 
For instance, like making dinner from bagged salad, stuff from the pantry, and a bag of frozen Honey BBQ chicken.  Yum.

Playing close to home.                                                 (in our pajamas.)

Couldn't have made the past few weeks without this guy.  My baby brother.  We are 18 years apart, but we are very, very close.

And since we have been home, we were there to see a deer in our yard.  In the suburbs!

 My childhood BFF, Claudia,  also came for a visit and helped out a ton!  Both kids adore her, and she and my brother cleaned my kitchen until it sparkled.  It was so nice to spend time with someone who knows me so well.  I have to be honest, it has been lonely moving to a new place.

One day soon, I hope to have time to create.  Look at this cute cup cozy!!!  
I will have to be patient until that moment comes.  We are in survival mode.

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