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Sunday, May 06, 2012

Family Visit!

I'm so happy that this will be leaving my garage.
My brother, Mike, bought this huge panda suit while he was on tour (he sells merchandise for a signed band) and when they came to Minneapolis, he convinced me to take it with me, until he could come to get it. He and my mom came for a visit this week.

Here is my mom at Tate's Grandparents' Day

 And my brother, Mike, in Soleil's spin chair.  He got a stomach cramp cramming himself in there, but it was pretty funny.

Mike watched Soleil while I took my mom to Tate's school.  He is an AMAZING babysitter.  Actually, both of my 20-something brothers are great babysitters!  They will make great husbands some day for this reason.  It was nice to be able to get out and feel very calm about who was watching the babe.

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Mona said...

It was worth the 1300 mile round trip! Card games with Tate, giggles with Soleil, hearing her constantly calling Grammy, visits to both schools and lots of cuddles. It just doesn't get any better.