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Monday, May 25, 2015

Wen and the Infomercials

My BFF and I often talk about infomercials.  We were roped in a few years ago with the Wen hair care line, and we both signed up for the cult "monthly shipping option".  Just recently, someone on FB asked about it, and I just thought "Oooooo!  She's about to drink the Kool Aid!"

Wen works.  It does.  It smells fabulous, my hair was shiny and soft, and I was able to comb through it easily.  (Just for reference, I have coarse, very curly long hair.) However, I have to use A LOT of it, and it costs a lot to maintain that every. single. month.  Like a drug, I suppose.

It just wasn't worth it to me, and then I tried to cancel and it was NOT EASY.  (You almost always end up paying for another month.) I went back to some of my other favorite shampoos and conditioners (Biolage Conditioning BALM--you need the balm, Suave Professionals (the one for curly hair), Fructis Sleek & Shine, Aveda Anything).  However, I recently found Pantene Cleansing Conditioner.  It doesn't foam up, and it advertises itself to be the cheap man's Wen.  It works great!! Dare I say, it works BETTER than the Wen.  It is all minty and tingly on the scalp, my hair is not frizzy, and conditions it really well.

And while we are the subject of informercials, here are a few I have been suckered into:

1.  Turby Twist--Greatest invention ever.
2.  CordaRoy Giant Bean Bag-- I want one or two.  We are still decorating our house, so these might be a future purchase.  The one negative in reviews is that they do not have enough stuffing.
3.  Wubble Bubbles--Tate makes fun of these every time we see them.  "Just play with a balloon!"
4.  Any QVC Scrapbooking Kit-Good, but I end up spending more on stuff I don't need, even if the whole kit is a deal
5.  Pasta Express--My sister swore by this.  I think it looks like the dumbest thing ever.
6.  Wikki Sticks--dumb.  Great for about 5 minutes of play and then dumb.
7.  Dutch Glow Amish Wood Milk-watched a full 20 minutes of this infomercial.
8.  Snackees--  My kids beg and beg and beg.
9.  Zippy Sacks-- Ugly Polyester Cat Sleeping Bag/Sheet?  Soleil flips out excited with each commercial she views.

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