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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

People are Still Scrapbooking!!

I had a conversation with a lovely woman in the middle of Michael's craft store.   She was buying a ton of scrapbook stickers, (as was I, the stickers being on sale and all...) and I asked where she scrapbooked.  She was wishing for a place to go.  The scrapbook stores have closed, and I haven't met a Creative Memories consultant in ages...I used to meet one per week back in the day.  But we both were yearning for that connection that comes from gluing paper and stickers and glitter and ribbon with our photos, whilst eating yummy snacks and engaging in good conversation.  I used to use scrapbooking as a way to meet people whenever I moved.  (If you read this blog regularly, I move a lot.)

Scrapbooking alone isn't as much fun as with people, and it almost becomes a chore.  I don't pull it out as often as I like, though I know that my family loves the end result when I am done.

However, just this week, I have been sent TWO emails, one from a friend, and one from a email list I am on.

People are scrapbooking again!  They, like me, do not care that scrapbooking is passe, and it so nice to be inspired by other's work.  It makes me want to pull out my stickers right this instant!  (I can't, however, as I am about to head up to Frankenmuth, Michigan for the day. Woo Hoo!)

Tomorrow, the big picture classes are also hosting a "Craft Party", which is just a webcast discussing everything craft.  I am IN.  I will be parking the kids in front of a movie at 1pm Eastern, for sure!

No matter what your hobby/passion/thing is, it is nice to get reinspired by others that share your love of the craft.

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