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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Back to School 2015

I always try to make the first morning before school starts special for the kiddos.
I decorate, I leave them a little present, and make them something special to eat.  Tate decided he wanted FOUR eggs.  
He ate them all.  
She was very excited!  It was very hot in the school, so I put the least amount of clothing as possible on her.  Day 2 cooled down, so the kids were much more comfortable.  
On the Friday after the first week, Soleil was exhausted.  She could barely stay awake!
We live on the campus of a Big 10 university.  This means that every Saturday morning in the fall, we are "indoor tailgating".   Football is on all day, and meals are snacks enjoyed throughout the day.  When there is a home game, we usually wander around through the other tailgaters in our neighborhood.  Parking and driving is awful, but if you are on foot, it is really fun.  
Tate with random kids, climbing the statue on campus.
And finally...

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