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Sunday, December 10, 2006

My own cupcakes

Finally! I can post pictures of my own cupcakes instead of stealing pictures online and wondering if I am violating copyright laws... They were very yummy and we have a ton leftover. I made them for a fun gathering we went to this weekend. They were the perfect size for Tate. We learned the hard way--a whole normal size cupcake+ Tate= BARFORAMA.

Read an article about school in Africa this morning. They have lots of beans and cassava (a potato like veggie) for most meals and I am obsessing about cupcakes... Again, we are so lucky and I want to remember that every single day. Paul thinks they get pizza on Wednesdays, but somehow I think he's wrong...
(total sidenote: remember that wonderful square pizza they used to serve in public school?? mmmmmmmm.)

I'm feeling very creative today... I might have to escape to the scrapbook store to work on some last minute projects. I have some pics to share, but they are Christmas presents and I don't want to spoil surprises!! Have a great day!

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Baby Connor said...

Cat, your cupcakes look VERY yummy!!!