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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Thankful for the little things

No pics today...just happy to be in the warmth after having NO POWER for days. There are still people that still do not have power. Thanks to all those who helped out as we sought heat wherever we could find it!

On to other subjects--people who rush around and cut people off in traffic just to get your Christmas presents--YOU SUCK. Way to share the Christmas spirit!

More later when I get the house back in order...

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Baby Connor said...

I am glad that things are back to normal at your house again. We've lost power three times within a week but luckily Steve's parents live near by and since they had power, we stayed at their house. But I think I will never take power for granted again. I almost cried when I was over at my house yesterday to check on my cat and the power came back on again.