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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Slowly Blogging

I think the reason it is so hard to get back to blogging is because I wrote a lot of stuff specifically for my sister's reaction. Even when we were in an argument, I knew she would be checking it, and somtimes even leave a comment.

In general, I've been doing pretty good considering and everyone "deals" in their own way. Getting on my blog and IMing are the hardest part for me right now.

But, with a huge lump in my throat and a desire to block everything out, I will continue this entry and post some things that make me happy.

Just a quick description of each...
1. Tate holding a babydoll that he jsut discovered in his toy bin. He has been patting its back and cuddling it and it just melts my heart.
2. Tate eating his current favorite food=PANCAKES! He goes into the fridge, and brings us the syrup jug...
3. Ok--our first "real" finger paint project. I let him go hogwild, thinking it says washable on the side of the box. Don't let that stuff dry or you're looking at a good half hour of scrubbin' with the Magic Eraser!
4. My camera obsessed son taking a self portrait. Usually he is not allowed to touch Daddy's camera, but with all that has been going on, my defenses were down. (Just don't tell Paul!) I had to delete about 30 shots off the camera.
Dedicated to my sister, who I know would have had many a comment. My heart breaks in an anticipation of that that will never be filled.


Albert Family said...

Your sister would have said "Tate is so stinking cute, I could just eat him."

I particularly love the painting and the babydoll pics. I am going to print and scrap both.

Just keep on bloggin' baby, cuz we are gonna get each other through this.

Laura Chin said...

Finger painting in the bathtub is a great idea... :) We love the bathrub crayons too!

RachelDenbow said...

So good to see new pics of your beautiful boy. He's getting so big.

Sabastian said...

I know the feeling Cat.
I havent been able to do much myself. Had to turn inward to protect those that read mine. Miss you and love you sis