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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Berry Pickin'

Today Amanda, Anna, all the kids and I went Strawberry Picking at Eckert's. It was SO fun! Of course, we hit the bakery and got a "cook-ie" (Tate was pronouncing VERY clearly as we entered) before we even started.

OK, so it was more like "toddler running through fields" than it was "berry picking", but we all had a great time. We ended the morning with lunch at Eckert's restaurant, where we had the most patient waiter ever.


ursula said...

I love the pictures! I must add your son has to be the best dressed kid out there...looks like fun!

Laura Chin said...

Cat, Tate and Daniel look more and more alike every day!! We've got some good looking kids :)

Jim Hall said...

My Aunt used to take all the cousins berry picking, apple picking, fossil hunting and cool things like that when we were kids. Great times. The 'Tot' will remember them all his life. Or until someone sends a picture that reminds him of his picking experiences 50 years later. Looking forward to seeing you guys.

RachelDenbow said...

These are such sweet pics. Tate is getting so big!