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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

In Michigan

So Paul deployed to Afghanistan after getting about 2.5 weeks notice. We scrambled to get everything done for him to leave and barely had enough time. We also decided that I would head to MI with Stinky, rent a place near my parents and have a little adventure.

"Adventure" is not the word I am currently using! Ask me in a few weeks when I have settled in a little more and I get some sleeeeeeep.


Laura Chin said...

I can think of a few words you might be using. :) Love ya, talk to you soon!

RachelDenbow said...

Wow. I didn't realize he was military. Being near family during times of irregularity is such a blessing. Glad you're able to make that move. Thanks for the post on our kit club blog!

Sarah said...

charlie, tess and i miss you and the tate man sooooo much. sending you tons of hugs and kisses.