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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Toddler Time!

Tate and I found the greatest Toddler Group, sponsored by the County, here in MI. Once a week it meets at a park, and also once a week at an indoor location. We actually have the option of going a 3rd time as well and Tate has been loving it. He was very shy and had a small meltdown initially, but was dancing in the middle by the end.
Today we had a nature scavenger hunt and an obstacle course in the playground. Afterwards, Catie, Tate and I had a picnic lunch. It was really fun, even if we had to drive 30 minutes in cornfields to get there.


Laura Chin said...

Oh that looks SO fun!!! I'd love to get Daniel to a climbing place like that :)

Sarah said...

how i wish they'd have something like that here... It looks like such fun!