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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

If Kettlecorn was Crack...

If Kettlecorn was Crack, I'd be in big trouble. I'd be hanging out with Lyndsay and Britney at Promises Rehab. I cannot resist its sweet salty combo and even though after I eat an entire bag, my stomach reels, I can't stop.

We went to the County Fair today and had fun. Tate wore his "Birthday Boy" Tshirt that I made this morning with some iron ons and a white tshirt that I had in the house. He climbed up this huge put-together-by-carnies slide/play contraption with me closely behind, and didn't even hesitate as we crossed the metal swinging bridge at about 15' in the air to get to the final slide. Yea...the final slide that apparently the must spray silicone or, i don't know, Pam cooking spray because we FLEW down it. Totally worth our $3.


Sarah said... crack me up girl. Happiest birthdays to you and Tater. We'll celebrate when you get back to ILL. xo

Laura Chin said...

I fully believe that kettle cork IS legal crack. dangerous stuff for SURE!!! ;)