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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Scrap Tips from Other People

So I am was wandering around online tonight, waiting for Tate to fall asleep (he was yelling "Mama" for the 400th time) and found some GREAT scrap techniques on youtube.

I've used youtube, mostly to watch innapropriate humor my brothers have shown me. Who knew there were also scrap tips on there??

Here are a few cool things:
***This last one is long, but it is a cute project. Also, this woman is a champ. She even toted he 4 kids along with her to Staples and she still manages to look cute and have time to scrap. I am officially a wimp.


Lisa said...

Wow, thanks! Those were great tutorials and I love tutorials, especially on slow days like today at work, ugh! Have you been to It's a great place overall and there are tons of fun video/tutorials there.

OMG.. grunge board! I've never heard of it until today and I think I'm in love without even playing with it yet. I'm going to research it and try to find some. I saved the Tim Holtz site so I can go take a look whenever.

This is why I love blogs... I get to learn all kinds of things I ordinarily would not have found on my own. I didn't even think to check YouTube for scrap tutorials.

You rock girl!

Lisa said...

SIStv = very addictive! LOL ;)

I've watched every episode!

Have you seen the tutorials over at

Good stuff and entertaining as well.

Have fun and don't ignore the kid too much, he might start nesting in a suitcase ... he.. he..

Lisa said...

I forgot to ask, what is your name over at SIStv?