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Monday, December 31, 2007

Back from Blog Holiday

It has been a hectic few weeks since Paul returned home.
1. Trying to see everyone that Paul (it feels like) has ever met since his return.
2. Going to Iowa and getting snowed in while in BFE WITH A TODDLER.
3. Continued to unpack and clean--still not done.
4. Organized scrap area (one of the few fun things of this holiday season)
5. Gained some weight (struggling to breathe in my jeans as I type this.)
6. Played Sponge Bob Diner Dash A LOT.

SO glad to be hanging out at home and playing games for New Years.

I hope everyone has a Happy New Year. 2007 SUCKED a*%, so I am pretty excited to ring a brand spankin' new year.


Lisa said...

Getting snowed in sounds fun ;) BFE Iowa.. LOL! My FIL is from Iowa and I think he would agree! 2008 has to be better than 2007, can't go any where but up, right? At least I hope so for you. Happy New Year!

Vee said...

happy new years!! :)