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Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Yea, I don't have one.

Today it is FREEEEEZING out and we had ice on the INSIDE of our windows. The poopy thing is that there is no snow! I don't mind cold if there is snow to play in.

I am in one of my favorite cold weather outfits today. Flattering?? Not exactly, but so comfy. It is my gray flannel skirt (that Tania gave me) with my dark gray Banana Republic turtle neck from a bazillion seasons ago, and tights. I will don my FAVORITE red Mary Jane flats when I have to head to Home Depot in a bit. I have to get that funky shrink wrap plastic for your windows to try and keep it warmer in here. Yea...the outfit is kind of school marm, but I am warm and cozy.

What is your favorite cold weather outfit? Feel free to describe in fine detail...


michelle raMirez said...

happy new year to you.
thanks for the sweet comment on my blog.
sending warmer weather your way.
i am no good with the cold.

and by the way...those cupcakes on the top of your page look so delish!

Laura Chin said...

cold weather = pair of jeans, thick sox, polar fleece and hat mmmm