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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Castles in Germany, Blocked at the Library

Yep--the library blocked my blog the last few weeks because they had new filters in place, and apparently "cupcakes and coffee" somehow must relate to a porn site or questionable material or something! No, really--I had to send an email to the web administrator to get back on and since our internet will not be hooked up until SEPTEMBER 9th!!!! I had to do something.

Good news=we have our stuff and life is good now. Mainly because there are toys.

We just returned from our friends Clayton Cole and Kati's wedding in a castle! I t was pretty much one of the coolest weddings I have ever been to. I hopefully will post pics soon, though Paul lost the camera, but I have hope that it will be found.

I miss you all and can't wait to post photos instead of all this boring writing :)


Leslie said...

The writing isn't boring at all, but I'll look forward to the pics when you find them! :) So, where in Germany were you?

Congrats on the arrival of toys, by the way! Now I'm keeping my fingers crossed for your internet service! :)

ursula said...

Clay got married? That is crazy! Can't wait to see pics and hear more updates!

alittlebitofscrap said...

Never thought writing was boring.. LOL! Wow, I bet it was a very romantic wedding.. being in a castle. I would love to visit Europe one of these days just to see it all!