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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Now that essentials are unpacked...

TIME TO ORGANIZE the scrapbook/art room/office!!

The room is amazing, with a spot for Paul, one for Tate and lots and lots of shelves for me. I am looking for cute (preferably COLORFUL) baskets that make the room look like of those craft rooms in the magazines. Right now, it is a mismatch of rubbermaid containers and other plastic a "before" photo of a room makeover.

Suggestions of a place to get cute organizational stuff? via online order? or in London?

Paul was online camera shopping last night, so I am hopeful we will have photos soon.

Now I leave you with a photo of a paper craft supply that is used often here in the UK called "Peel Offs". They look like very boring stickers from 1990s scrapbooking, but I am amazed and inspired at the creations that some folks have made with them.


ursula said...

I forget what you look like...and Tate must be huge! I can't wait to see pictures!

Sarah said...

hoping you get a camera soon! glad to hear that you've got your ya!