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Sunday, December 07, 2008


Ever have carrots with lemon and salt on them?? They are really good--I'm not lying!! I had them for the first time in this fancy bar in Turkey and just rediscovered them. The other dish is just walnuts, pecans, and almonds that I microwaved for a few minutes in my stoneware to toast them up. I then added yogurt covered cranberries. The whole thing kind of melts together and I ate it with a spoon.

"A teaspoon of HONEY makes the medicine go the most delightful way!" This is sung in my house daily, with a request for the actual teaspoon of honey.


Debbie said...

Cat what a cute post. My boys use to sing that line all the time also. Your little guy is growing up on you. WOW, I sure do miss you guys. I hope you have wonderful holidays.



alittlebitofscrap said...

Honey makes everything better. Those pictures are adorable!

Leslie said...

I love these adorable is that??? :)