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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Too Old for Gossip Girl--but i dont care....

From a Gossip Girl Episode:

Penelope: Kelsey, Kelsey, Kelsey how many times must we tell you? As one of the girls of the steps, you represent Constance royalty.
Isabel Coates: So it should come as no surprise that many girls before you have gotten the ax when their choices reflected poorly on us.
Kelsey: I didn't realize. [crying]
Blair Waldorf: That tights are not pants? Honestly?

CRACKS ME UP! "Tights are not Pants" LOLOLOLOL
I laugh because there are many a girl around here who do not know this fact. I mean, really, if I can see through them, if there are seams, THEY ARE NOT LEGGINGS!!!


Charin said...

Haha! :) :)
Thanks for stopping by my blog! Hope you're doing well. :)

Janet F said...

Hi Cat, thanks for your comment on my Blog. If you sign the guestbook at you will automatically be informed about other crops we arrange. Where in London are you? You could pm on UKS if you like :)

Janet F said...

I don't know your name on UKscrappers, but if you send me a pm then I can let you know about crops I attend in London, I attend 2, neither organised by me, but they're great. There's a shop in Wimbledon called Fielders which isn't bad and I've heard theres a good one in Balham, but I haven't been there. I mostly shop online.

My name is CINDY...... said...

Hello Cat - nice to see you on my blog - you missed the giveaway though so I hope you'll come back next month.

Are you going to Ally Pally in April? I hope to but not sure which day yet.

Tights are not pants..... so true lol.

alittlebitofscrap said...

LOL! That cracked me up!! So true :)

Jenny Fowler said...

Hahaha, that is funny. I have no idea about gossip girl but that is some great dialogue. I love it.