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Monday, July 13, 2009

And the WINNER is....

Kennet Lodge.

Paul's first choice, my second, but I am happy that a decision has been made. I forgot to mention that the cottage didn't have a shower, but had 2 big tubs with handheld shower attachments. That, and the Lodge is closer to Bath, which Paul really thought was important.

I can now start freecycling for stuff for the house. If you haven't heard of Freecycle before, it is a place where people post items online that they want to get rid of.

In London, it is a goldmine because people are always living here for short time periods to move overseas and they don't want to bring furniture with them. Also, when we left the states, we put 75% of our things in storage, expecting a small furnished flat. We cannot get our things shipped over for this unexpected move, and don't expect to take much home when we return to the States.

Time for more coffee!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Cat,

I love the Kennet lodge. It is my first choice. I absolutely love the kitchen you have ;-)

I am so happy for you :-)

Much Love

Kati @)}-->->----

The House of Francis said...

My choice as well, wish I had my vote in on time. This house will have so many special memories for you all.

alittlebitofscrap said...

Love the idea of freecycle. I'm gonna have to see if Ketchikan has a free cycle community. They are both lovely homes. Good luck with the moving! Oh, I do not like to pack and unpack!