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Friday, January 08, 2010

Baby Names!

Soooo...I have posted a poll. Feel free to vote, and anonymously weigh in if you would like. I am also open to new names, as I get bored with looking online, and I don't have a baby name book.

I like unique names. I like nature. I like something that kind of jives with Tate. I don't want anything that is crazy crazy like "Blanket" or "Prince Paul". (I do love MJ, but just not the names he picked for his kids...)

(** Since someone asked..Soleil is pronounced "So-lay" and means sunshine.)

UPDATE: I've met a sweet boy named Kai and a newborn named Tabitha this week... A sign, but in which way??


Marja said...

I voted for Kai. I like how it sounds, it's definitely original. My runner up would be Gabriel. Have to admit Grant is not one I like mainly as it reminds me of Grant Show from Melrose Place, lol.

For a girl I went for Chloe. Soleil is unique but it feels like it's "taken" by Soleil Moon Frye. Same with Tabitha, that little good witch girl in Bewitched.

Names are hard. With our first we wanted something unique, etc., so we named our daughter Noemie. It's French of Naomi. Amusingly, I dislike the name Naomi but love Noemie. With our second we just went with a fun name but it's SO common, Charlie. Both names seem to "fit" the kids though so it worked out. If I were to have another baby I'd hope for a girl and would name her Francesca. No idea why but the name started out as a joke that we called our cat (Her name is Mimi but Noemie's nickname is also Mimi hence needing another name for the cat). I now kinda like the name. But not enough to want a third baby, lol. For a boy I used to like Spencer until that Spencer Pratt showed up on The Hills. Now I hate the name!

How are you feeling? I owe you an email, will get to that I promise!

flora said...

Names are so hard! In our heads we thought we were having a boy and therefore had a boy's name all picked out and still hadn't narrowed down our choices for a girl when she arrived. We were still debating her name after she was born. I voted for Gabriel and Chloe, btw. Good luck with your choice!

tintarella said...

Hi I am from Switzerland and we have two daughters we are very proud of. The older is called Noƫmi Davina. Her second name is scottish as far as I know. My younger daughter s name is Timea Lavinia. Her first name is a very popular hungarian name and her second name is a very old italian name. We love these names. For a boy I would have taken either Ilan or Andrea Aurel. Also very pretty. From your list I like Gabriel (reminds me on Gabriel Aubry) or for a girl I like the sound of Tabitha. Good luck with your choice also!