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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Living Simply

Here in the UK, we do not get the brand new Oprah shows. This episode was on today, inspired by the article "Back to Basics" in her Oprah magazine.

It was really good.

In our house, we try a little simply living, combined with my love of (new) fashion and crafting, Paul's love of People and OK magazines, and Tate's love of Mister Maker (a dude on children's TV that makes stuff.) We bake bread and our own pizza dough, love thrifting, limit TV, and try to play outside as much as we can. Everything in moderation, I suppose.


Paula Clare said...

Hi Cat,
Just even more "proof" that you are truly a Franciscan in a military wive's body! Simple living is much harder than it sounds...AND requires much more intention than one would think. I am SO PROUD of you and the way you and your family choose to live simply!

Hugs to the fam!

alittlebitofscrap said...

Love the bubbles pic :) and I agree with Paula.. living simply is harder than most people think. One of the things of my "learn to do" list is make pizza dough. Perfecting it is hard!