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Monday, August 02, 2010

Monday Monday

I love Mondays.
And for this reason, I plan on making Monday my blogging day. You see, with a newborn, blogging is not easy. If I plan on one day a week I get to post a few pics, say a few words, and read a few blogs, it will make me happy and I will actually get a few postings up.

So until further notice, I will try to post on MONDAYS :)

A few things in my world that currently make me happy:

The first apple of the year off of our tree.
A drawer full of new papercrafting supplies. (Courtesy of MOM)Trying to make my bathroom like a spa. I love fresh white towels stacked neatly. These were wedding presents from our friends, Jean and Rick. I think of them almost every time I reach for one.
Beautiful blackberries picked from the bushes near our house.Foot Scrub from LUSH.

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